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VA-Claims.org (Division of VAclaims.org and DisableVeteran.org), provides a guide for veterans, their family members and those assisting them to successfully apply for Veteran Benefits - Service Connected Disability Compensation from the VA.


VA-Claims.org is committed to being a trusted resource in meeting the specific disability claim needs of the brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces who serve, or have served our Country with resolute sacrifice!

The Staff of VAclaims.org strive to be AMBASSADORS OF GOODWILL, providing disability claims education to our military families.

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VAclaims.org DBA VETERANS FOUNDATION Tax ID: 82-3527661, is a Non-Profit Organization assisting Veterans with disability claims to understand the nature and merits of their claims.


After volunteering at various local POSTs over the years assisting disabled Veterans with their VA disability claims, few disabled Veterans gathered together in Las Vegas, utilizing their training and experience filing disability claims, to further assist other Veterans in a much bigger way. We are helping Veterans with VA Service-Connected Disabilities, avoid common mistakes that could delay their claims or result in a less-beneficial outcome for their claims. We are tackling these challenges, assisting our deserving Veterans through our Non-Profit Organization, VETERANS FOUNDATION, and our services are FREE to all Veterans. Our website provides resources for developing, filing and evaluating VA disabilities claims, to ensure that our deserving Veterans are well compensated for service connected injuries, sustained during Honorable Military Service.

The best motivation we have every day as a Vets helping vets, is a better understanding of what other veterans are going through, whether it is PTSD, service-connected physical injuries, or problems obtaining the benefits that veterans may be entitled to. As a group of Veterans who have been there and done that, we have a level of personal experience and empathy that cannot be taught or faked.

As Service-Connected Disabled Veterans ourselves, we are aware of what our ex-service members are going through. Our veterans return home with a wide variety of issues, from mental health disorders to physical disabilities and traumatic brain injuries. Many Combat veterans also face many challenges in transitioning back to civilian life and this usually cause additional stress, which ends up exposing veterans to substance abuse disorders, thus, limiting Veterans abilities to be gainfully employed and properly function in the civilian life. With your help we can get much of our work done for our deserving Veterans. All proceeds from resources found here helps us support our Veterans!

The Guides Featured Here Shows How to Maximize Your Compensation for VA Disability Claim, with Favorable Service Connected Ratings! 

For better chance of achieving the highest possible rating for your particular Service Connected Claims, it is important that Veterans understand how VA rates these claims, (how many percentage points are assigned to each individual claim) and what evidence is required to move to the higher level. It is highly recommended that Veterans familiarize themselves with these resources found on this store, as these resources are the KEY to successful VA Service Connected Claims. Some veterans think they have PTSD but don’t formally meet the diagnostic criteria for this mental condition. Sometimes, it may not actually be PTSD

For Example: There are Six Different Levels of a VA Disability Rating for PTSD. In addition, Depression, anxiety, and certain obsessive compulsive disorders can present symptoms similar to PTSD.  

It is important that you are evaluated by a qualified psychiatrist, psychologist, or other mental health professional qualified to diagnose your particular condition (FOR EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE SUFFERING), otherwise, you will receive ZERO or Low Compensable Ratings.  

But First, You must Know the Symptoms of your illnesses, (YOURSELF), otherwise, like many Veterans, there are high likelihood than not, that you will be mis-diagnosed, which will ultimately affect (whether or Not) you are compensated for any particular claim, which can equally affect your rating points from assignment of a noncompensable rating of 0%, to compensable rating of 10%-100% and ultimately, affecting the amount of money you will receive on your claims compensation.  

The rating criteria are primarily focused on how you are affected in your personal life and work life.  Generally, the more symptoms you have the higher up the scale you should be rated.  Also, the more severe your symptoms are the higher your rating should be. 

Another example is a situation where you have a current diagnosis of PTSD but don’t have any current symptoms, you will be assigned a noncompensable rating of 0%. At the other end of the scale, you will be assigned a 100% VA disability rating for PTSD, if you have total occupational and social impairment, meaning you are totally disabled. 

In between those two extremes are four other ratings levels: 10%, 30%, 50%, and 70%. Many of the criteria are similar at each level but vary in degree. The amount of your rating greatly affects the type of benefits you receive from VA.

It is equally important that Veterans knows whether or not, the VA’s Disability Compensation Rating Decision is Correct. The rating criteria you will find here is the SAME Guide VA RATERS uses when assessing your particular disability.  Because various illnesses are complex and unique disorders, Veterans should review their ratings when they receive their Decision later, based on their professional diagnosis, to ensure that there ratings neatly fit into one level of the rating tables, as shown in this guide.

SIMPLY PUT! Knowledge or Lack of it, can either MAKE or BREAK your VA Service- Connected Claims!

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